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Smokie Norful - Forever Yours


FOREVER YOURS sounds like a love letter. It is exactly that - it is Smokie Norful’s ultimate love letter to God and as with all classic love letters, it is an unabashed outpouring of his feelings thoughts and affections towards God. It is a musical composition of all styles and sentiments from Smokie’s heart shared with you. It has been 5 years since Smokie’s last full length new album and while it has been a long journey for Norful, FOREVER YOURS points to his grateful and love-filled heart.

As is Norful’s trademark, FOREVER YOURS offers great versatility in a seamless way. A clear result of working with a number of talented and accomplished producers including Aaron Lindsey, Tony Dixon, Derek D.O.A. Allen, Elvis Williams (Blac Elvis) and Warryn Campbell. From ballads, the strongest weapon in Norful’s arsenal, to dance tracks and contemporary R&B styled songs to upbeat praise and worship, FOREVER YOURS has literally something for everyone.

Norful’s resonant vocals are at their peak right now and are beautifully matched with the range of musicality of the album. A perfect example is the first radio single “No Greater Love,” a stately sounding ballad with the simplest of messages, there is no greater love than that of Jesus’s transcendent love. Norful’s hope for the album: “My prayer is that the world will get to hear it and experience it with me ... to take the journey with me. I hope it accomplishes meeting people at the point of their need.” “I don’t want anyone to leave my music or my ministry without receiving hope, healing and empowerment. I think this album has that for people at all different points and seasons in their lives.”

1. Mighty God   
2. No Greater Love   
3. I Need A Word   
4. I've Got What You Need   
5. Imperfect Me   
6. Forever Yours   
7. In the Meantime   
8. Nothing is Impossible   
9. Run Run   
10. He Loves Me


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Smokie Norful - Forever Yours


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