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Deitrick Haddon - R.E.D (Restoring Everything Damaged)


Detroit native and Gospel trailblazer Deitrick Haddon will release his twelfth studio album, R. E. D. (Restoring Everything Damaged).

A huge fan of the 60s and 70s Soul Movement, Haddon counts legendary hit-makers like Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder as musical influences.  He successfully intermingles R&B and Christian sensibilities to produce a unique brand of "Gospel Soul."  The lead single from the album, Have Your Way, is a mid-tempo track with a pop-rock edge that flawlessly sets the tone for R.E.D. and prepares audiences to delve further into the album's theme of restoration.

 Deitrick explains that "the album title R.E.D. is more than just a creative acronym.  It represents an album that is, for me, very transparent.  R.E.D. means the color of love...the color of life...the color that binds us all together.  It's the color of the blood of Jesus, He that forgives us our sins and restores everything damaged in our lives."

Featuring: Keep Yo' Mind , You're With Me, A Little Prayer, Feel A Breakthrough, God @ Work, Handle This , Just As I Am, Sweet Jesus, Red Interlude, Waiting (All Night), Have Your Way, Paint It Red 

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Deitrick Haddon - R.E.D (Restoring Everything Damaged)


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