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No Solos Allowed (Songbook-CD Packet)


They might enter the sanctuary to the sound of a majestic pipe organ or elegant orchestra, wearing long, flowing robes; or they just might saunter into the choir loft wearing jeans and t-shirts, accompanied by the groove of a great praise band; With both extremes, or somewhere in-between, there's nothing quite like the sound of a choir on Sunday morning.

Big choirs, smaller choirs, traditional choirs, contemporary choirs, all choirs the same -- that unified sound of many voices joined as one voice to proclaim the majesty and glory of our God in song. Regardless of the style of music or the repertoire, there is an unmistakable sound and energy that emanates from all of those individuals singing out at the top of the lungs, with the sound somehow coming out as one amazing, powerful, voice of praise.

No Solos Allowed, the new choral collection from the Benson Choral Club, sets the stage for your choir by providing 10 all-choir-all-the-time, 100% solo-free arrangements by Cliff Duren. If you find it a challenge to find new choral arrangements designed for choir alone, with no solos, then look no further. No Solos Allowed is a bold new choral project overflowing with songs made popular by Hezekiah Walker, Michael W. Smith, Laura Story, Keith Getty, Mandisa, Selah and The Martins, with EVERY Arrangement of EVERY song 100% solo-free.

So this next Sunday forget what you heard on the radio. Forget the cool riffs your church soloist heard some artist do and now they're trying to include it in every song they sing, on every other phrase. Forget the solos, bring on the Choir! And none of this “let the soloist sing while the choir does some polite, anemic BGV's!” I said bring on the choir...all-choir-all-the-time, No Solos Allowed!

By Faith
Enthroned with I Exalt Thee
Great Is the Lord
I Lift My Eyes
Standing on the Promises
You Made Us Alive
Take It All
Souled Out (Sold Out)

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No Solos Allowed (Songbook-CD Packet)


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