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New Wine In Old Wineskins Volume 2 - Edited By James Abbington


Beginning with an edifying essay by renowned hymn text writer Mary Louise Bringle, New Wine in Old Wineskins, Volume 2 is packed with 76 hymn texts coupled with more familiar hymn tunes, creating a winning combination that provides exciting, new, yet singable, music for worship.

Some of the text writers of the late twentieth and early twenty first centeries included in this collection are Thomas Troeger, Timothy Dudley-Smith, Delores Dufner, Adam M. L. Tice, Frank von Christierson, Albert J. Bayly, John A. Dalles, and John Thornburg. As in the previous volume, this collection includes compositions by such pioneering African American composers as Charles H. Nicks, Jr., Stephen F. Key, V. Michael McKay, G. T. Haywood, Glenn Edward Burleigh, Oliver H. Owens, and David Frazier.

  1. A Song Was Heard At Christmas
  2. A Year Of God's Favor
  3. All Things Of Dust To Dust Return
  4. Anoint Us
  5. As We Enter
  6. At The Pulpit, Font, And Table
  7. Cast Down, O God, The Idols
  8. Christ Is For Losers
  9. Come Unto Christ
  10. Consider Him, Our Savior Christ
  11. Create In Me A Clean Heart 
  12. Creation In Me A Clean Heart
  13. Cuando Mi Alma Esta Trubada / When My Soul Is Sore And Troubled
  14. Deliver Us, O Lord Of Truth
  15. Do This In Rememberance Of Me
  16. Eternal Spirit Of The Living Christ
  17. From Depths Of Need I Cry To You
  18. Give Thanks To God For Every Day
  19. Give Us A Voice
  20. God, Grant This Suffering Soul Release
  21. God Has Done So Much For Me
  22. God, You Sent Your Son Among Us
  23. God, Your Music Filled The Cosmos
  24. God, Your Power, Still Creating
  25. Hope Of Abraham And Sarah
  26. How Can We Shed A Shining Past
  27. How Foolish Is The Word
  28. I Am All I Am
  29. I Am Troubled Yet Not Distressed
  30. I Have So Much To Think God For
  31. I Need Thee, Blessed Jesus
  32. I Need You To Survive
  33. I'm A Vessel (The Corinthian Song)
  34. I'm Blessed Just To Be Here
  35. Is There A Word From The Lord
  36. Jesus Said To Pray, "Our Father"
  37. Lead Me On
  38. Let Kings And Prophets Yeild There Name
  39. Let Me Tell You How To Move A Mountain
  40. Let Wonder Be Reborn
  41. Light Shone In Darkness
  42. Long Ago The Maids Drew Water
  43. Lord, We Come Into Your Presence
  44. Lord, Whose Love In Humble Service
  45. Make Our Life A House Of Praise
  46. Make Our Church One Joyful Choir
  47. May God's Love Be Fixed Above You
  48. Move, Mountain
  49. Nino: Es Astro / Star-Child
  50. O God Of Generations
  51. O God, You Call Us Through The Years
  52. O Spirit All-Embracing
  53. Oh, Give Thanks
  54. One People, Here, We gather
  55. Rejoice, O Zion's Daughter
  56. Risen Lord, We Gather Round You
  57. Rising Water Always Flowing
  58. See My Hands And Feet
  59. Shall Tribulation Or Distress
  60. Sing A New World Into Being
  61. Sing Praise To God, You Heavens!
  62. "Speak, O God, Your Servant Listens!"
  63. Stand Still
  64. Star-Child / Nino: Es Astro
  65. Tell It! Tell It Out With Gladness
  66. Thank You for Hearing Our Prayers
  67. The Church Of Christ Cannot Be Bound
  68. The Corinthian Song (I'm A Vessel)
  69. The Ranks Of Death With Trophy Grim
  70. The Reign Of God
  71. The Water Way
  72. This Is A Miracle-Moment
  73. Through The Years You Safely Guide Us
  74. Too Often, God, Your Name Is Used
  75. Touch That Soothes And Heals The Hurting
  76. Unbounded Spirit, Breath Of God
  77. We Come, O Christ, To You
  78. We Gather In Memory
  79. We Join, O Christ, Your Journey
  80. What Comfort Can Our Worship Bring
  81. Whatever Be The Love
  82. When Children Wake To Tears Instead Of Laughter
  83. When My Soul Is Sore And Troubled / Cuando Mi Alma Esta Turbada
  84. When We Must Bear Persistent Pain
  85. "Where Are The Nine?" The Healer Asked
  86. Where Shall I Go But Unto The Lord
  87. Who Are You Who Walk In Sorrow   
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New Wine In Old Wineskins Volume 2 - Edited By James Abbington

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New Wine In Old Wineskins - Edited By James Abbington


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