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Is Your Music Department Ministry or Misery? - Min. Steven Ford (The Work Study Book)


This is the Follow-Up Work Study Book from the Original Instructional Book. You will be able to take Notes and fill in the Blanks.

"To the pastor, the minister of music, the worship leader, the praise and worship team, the choir director, the choir leader, the section leader, the singer, the musician, and finally, to the music administrator... Almost all of the references in this book of instruction are stated in the male gender. This, no way inplies that females in ministry are excluded. Ministry means everybody serves, male and female alike. We all are called to be a part of the Kingdom Agenda of servant-hood. We are ministers who serve the needs and the agenda of God. The Content of this presentation is for instructional, information, and insiration to all who have been chosen to be a participant in the mistry of music." (Note from the Author-Minister Steven Ford)

Chapter's include:

  • The Keys To Understanding Your Pastor
  • 5 Things Every Minister Of Music Should Know
  • Is Your Worship Leader Equipped To Lead?
  • How To Solve Problems Within The Praise And Worship Team
  • To The Choir Director; Is Your Choir Following You?
  • How To Build And Maintain Your Church Choir
  • The Song Of Life Your Musician Needs To Know
  • How To Make Your Music Department Win
  • The Royalty of Music Ministry
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    Is Your Music Department Ministry or Misery? - Min. Steven Ford (The Work Study Book)


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