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Who's Talking - Teresa G.S. Taylor


Who’s Talking?

 Who’s Talking is a non-traditional Easter play that tells the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but more importantly, the primary message is that Jesus still loves us and is calling sinners to Him daily no matter what a person thinks, or how he or she may feel about their situation or self.
The play has 15 (primarily) adult characters (Drai, Chantel, and Angie should be played by young adults 17-30 years old). The Angel, 2 medics, Jerry, and the two different people on the pews can also be teens or young adults. Additionally, there are dancers, a choir and or soloists. The play is approximately 60 minutes in length.

The props are readily available everyday items, except the palms, which may be available locally during the Easter season.

Songs may be sung live, or recorded selections may be used per the director's discretion; CD’s, tracks, or sheet music may be available at ntimemusic.com, please check the website for availability.

Thank you for supporting this ministry we pray that God will richly bless the production of this presentation. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

Teresa G.S. Taylor


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Who's Talking - Teresa G.S. Taylor


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