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Instructional DVD For Gospel Choirs With Dr. Charsie Randolph Sawyer




Healthy Vocal Principals

Physical Warm Ups

Technical Skills


Proper Breathing And Breath Support

Review And Checklist For Singers

Tone Quality

Vowel And Style Uniformity

Reflections Questions

Voice Basics For Excellence In Singing


Vocal Basics for Singing – Dr. Charsie Randolph Sawyer


Gospel Music is a popular and long celebrated worship vehicle used to spread the Word of God. This music is not only being presented in various churches but in colleges and universities as a part of curriculums.  However, though many directors, choir members, soloists and worship groups are gifted to sing the Gospel with spirit and truth, occasionally after performing an exuberant concert or worship service, the throat is often left hurting, raspy or hoarse.  You may be left wondering, while nursing your throat, “What am I doing wrong?”

In “Vocal Basics for Singing “, Dr. Charsie Randolph Sawyer demonstrates Vocal Pedagogical techniques for healthy singing, and in a non – threatening and easily understandable manner, you will learn how to use the gift that God has given you with skill and excellence. Just as an athlete prepares for a race by warming up his/her muscles this DVD starts off with physical warm ups and ends with a question and answer session that reviews the techniques introduced and their purpose. This DVD will help singers to become good stewards of the gift that God has given.

Each session can stand-alone. Once the concepts are grasped turn the DVD off and practice. You will be surprise how your vocal stamina will increase and how your tone quality will improve. To maximize the potential of the DVD, try including the various segments into your regular rehearsals.

Physical Warm – Ups

Technical Skills


Proper Breathing and Breath Support

Tone Quality

Vowel and Style Uniformity


Unique Vocal Warm Ups

Reflection Questions


"Dr. Sawyer offers us here a very accessible way of expressing our praise and prayer to God in ways that arise out of and contribute to good vocal health. Music leaders that learn from this material will be grateful for approaches that will help singers sound better, worry less, and enter more deeply into worship. So often, the importance of good vocal health is downplayed in a worship context as a relatively important matter. But when we use our voice in healthy ways, we honor our creator and open ourselves to a deeper experience of the soul of the music of the gospel. Here is a resource that will help you take the next steps in that blessed journey!

John Wit
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LaTonya Washington - Los Angeles, California   (Friday, September 14, 2007)

I had the opportunity to view the instructional DVD and noted it to be exciting, fun and very informative.

I would recommend this DVD to all those who take singing seriously and want to protect their vocals from undue wear and tear so God can continue to use them through the gift of song.

Instructional DVD For Gospel Choirs With Dr. Charsie Randolph Sawyer


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