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Jesus Is The Reason For The Season - Teresa G.S. Taylor




An original Christmas play for youth (2 main characters, and several school aged), teens (3), and adults (8) about the true meaning of Christmas; it reminds us that there is a more important purpose for the season than monetary gift giving. It also reminds us that we as Christians have a work to do, and perhaps even more so during the Christmas season for there are lonely, hurting people in the world, and many of them are young people who have no one to lead them into the truth of Christ’s love. This play is also thought provoking in that we need to examine our own lives and see if we are living what we say we are.  Are we giving God our best as He gave his best for us. Do we think about Him for more than His hand, do we truly seek His heart?  Jesus is the Reason for the Season is a play of enlightenment, and perfect for the entire family. God isn’t necessarily looking for perfection, but He is looking for us to be real  in who we say you are in Him; someone is watching, and waiting for you to introduce them to Jesus, the reason for the season.  

Additional cast includes: Choir of Angels, and a Choir. Everyday props, approximately 60 minutes



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Jesus Is The Reason For The Season - Teresa G.S. Taylor


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