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Gospel Keyboard Styles - Mark Harrison

     In this book we dig into the authentic gospel stylings associated with great artists such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. These artists (and many others) grew up singing in the church choir, and the music played in African-American churches has influenced and enriched many other styles, including country, rock and R&B.

     The First part of this book deals with the 3/4 or Slow Gospel style (the traditional tune 'Amazing Grace' is a good example of this type of gospel). In here we show you the harmonic techniques needed to create the real gospel sound on the piano!

     The second part then focuses on the 4/4 or fast Gospel style (the Paul Simon tune 'Gone At Last' is a good example of this style). In here we combine the gospel harmonies with up-tempo rhythyms and syncopations, to create very exciting results!

     These techniques will help you lead your congregation at the piano, and will inject new ideas into your, R&B and funk playing.

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Gospel Keyboard Styles - Mark Harrison


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