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The Gifted - Julia A. Royston


Deep down inside of you is something that the whole world needs. You might ask, down inside of me? Yes, everyone has something that they do that comes naturally. You don’t have to work at it. It is easy as the air you breathe. People are pleased when you do that thing that you do. No matter how many other people can do that same thing, it is something special when you do it. You might ask, what is that? It’s a gift inside of you. You might ask, I have a gift? Yes, you have a gift inside. Do you know what that gift is? If not, this book will help you find that gift. If you know what your gift is, how are you using your gift? Hopefully, these words are stirring something on the inside of you to grow, give, learn and know about your God given gift. I am gifted and you are gifted too. There is a clarion call going out, where are the gifted?
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The Gifted - Julia A. Royston

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